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[006] Question

I have something to ask all of you!

You see, my...brother has this person who keeps asking him to do something he doesn't want to do. And now it might be going a bit too far. What should I do to help?

Hmm, I better go feed Mika-chan now. She's getting hungry. ^^

[Private; Accidentally Viewable (too panicky to notice) Hackable]

This can't be happening... Narazaki-kun is coming here to see Yutaka, according to Ayaori-san. If Narazaki-kun finds out who he actually is... Ryou will probably lose his job because of me. I don't want that. He worked so hard...

I have to figure out a way to trick him. I did once before, so I can definitely do it again.

But how do I appear at two places at once? Ayaori-san hinted that he was going to see both of us...

((Narazaki-kun: Peacock talent who appeared in the scanlations after I apped for Yukari. ^^; Also known for almost-stalking Yutaka, Yukari's boy form. Yay for canon weirdness?))

[005] Demons...

Okay, I think that demon that was attacking me is gone now. Thank goodness I was able to find a strong enough stick to attack with. ^^; It would have been troublesome if it broke, right?

I guess I need to train myself more if I'm relying too much on something like that. I'll go work on that as soon as possible. Ryou better be training himself too!

Are there still any other demons around? I don't wanna get ambushed again.


[004] Halloween

Ano....excuse me if I sound strange, but someone just tried to attack me while I was walking around in my penguin costume... But I knocked him (or her? I can't tell) out before I got hit. I'm in the hallways near the fourth year Midori girls' dorms right now. What's going on here? I'm confused...

((Yukari ran across a demon, but she thinks it's just a student. She doesn't know what to do with it. Hopefully this is okay! ^^; Pretend this is posted somewhere around midnight, please?))

[003] Oh wow. ^^;

I lost this journal. I really should be keeping a better track of it... But not much has happened at school, so I wouldn't have written much anyways. Oh, and Mika, the cat I mentioned in my other entry, is doing really well. She's so cute!

Anyways, Halloween is coming up soon, isn't it? I'm thinking of going to that party people were talking about as a penguin. So who else is going? ^_^

[Private; Very Hackable]

I got letters from Ryou and Ayaori-san today. Ryou's cheer sounded forced and Ayaori-san sounded the same, except when he told me to be careful. I wonder what's going on...?

((Yuka-chan is back. XD And she actually has a plot! It has to deal with that reoccuring event in Penguin Revolution: someone trying to find proof that "Yutaka Fujimaru", her alter-ego, is in fact a girl (Yukari). But if that ever happens, Ryou would be out of a job and Yukari doesn't want that (see manga for reasons -too lazy now-). 8D; Yup...))

[002] Forgot again. ^^

Once again, I forget about this journal. ^^ I need to remind myself to write regularly. Since last time I wrote, I went to town once with Husky, and I got a new cat, thanks to Kyou. I still can't think of a name though, even after all this time. Any ideas, anyone?

((Kyou-mun, if this not okay, let me know. ^^;))


[001] Wings

I forgot all about getting this journal! Strange, isn’t it? It was just there, buried under a mountain of things in the bottom of my trunk, gathering dust! I guess I was too busy getting everything in order to notice.

Trying to get used to being here has proved to be a challenge, as this is a whole new city for me. Last time I tried to go out and explore for myself, map in hand, I spent more time getting myself lost than actual exploring… Well, I’m sure I’ll figure it out one day. Maybe I should just go ask someone to accompany me next time?

Oh, and I saw rather lovely wings today! They were pure white and looked so soft and fluffy! At first I thought it was just my eyes seeing them, as usual, but apparently they’re real. I know because I sort of…got hit by them. ^_^; How embarrassing. I should really be more careful next time.

Now I better go write letters; one for Ryou, another for Ayaori-san! -sigh- I wonder how they’re doing…?