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On the Wings of Dreams

come with me?

Yukari Fujimaru
20 May
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((This is a character journal for Yukari in meillureacademy. The character of Yukari does not belong to this player. He belongs to Tsukuba Sakura, the managaka of Penguin Revolution, the series where Yukari is the main character.))

Basic Information

Player Name: cerise_amarante
Character Name: Yukari Fujimaru
Series: Penguin Revolution
Age: 16
Birthday: May 20th
Year: Sixth Year
House: Midori
Power: Ability to see “wings” on the backs of those who have potential to be an idol, a star

Background Information:

Yukari, most often called Fujimaru, is a down-to-earth, strong-minded girl who often wears her reddish-brown hair in braided pigtails. She is number one in her class in terms of grades, a black belt in Aikido, and a good cook. However, she has a tendency to be somewhat absent-minded, especially when she sees beautiful “wings” or wonderful plays. Also, she does use violence when she gets very agitated, but it seems that there is only one person who is a normal victim of this. Her family consists only of her father, who tends to be an “all or nothing” guy in showbiz, which makes them either poor or well-off, depending on his luck.

The girl used to have clear goals for the future, wanting to have a stable job as a public official. That, however, became blurry when she became a manager for her senpai, Ryou Katsuragi, a talent from the company Peacock, after a couple of incidents (finding out “Ryouko”’s true gender as a boy and her father being jobless for the time being). As his manager, her disguise is a boy named “Yutaka Fujimaru”.

Peacock is a showbiz company that makes its members wear disguises out in public and keeps track of their progress with a ranking system, from Numbers to the Crows to the Penguins, the lowest ranked. Ryou is a member of the latter, but Yukari is also familiar with Makoto Ayaori, Number One in Peacock, among others. Ayaori is Ryou’s, and later Yukari’s, roommate and all three went to the same high school, where Ayaori (also disguised) and Ryou are respectively the president and vice president.

Despite seeing glimpses of the dark side of Peacock, Yukari stuck by Ryou’s side and now, he may soon become a Crow. However, that’s when she got her invitation to attend Meillure Academy. After a lot of thinking, she decided to go to Meillure, wanting to understand her power. She promised Ryou, who by now had become her best friend, that she would return to be his manager during the summer.

Her power is the ability to see potential for stardom on peoples’ back. This ‘potential’ takes the form of wings. The more magnificent the wings, the more potential they have. Normally, they are a shade of white, grey, or black. When she was younger, she realized that she had too much obsession with the wings, and tried to curb it. That was turned to moot when Yukari became Ryou’s manager, but by then she was mature enough to know when she’s about to cross the line to obsession once again.


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